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We are the Factory

We are more than sheets and towels experts.

We are detail-oriented textile designers;

choosing the  very best materials for the most

luxurious and long-lasting quality products.

We are quality-obsessed engineers; exploring every technology available while maintaining our commitment to protect the planet.

Since 1967, we have been

perfecting the softest,

most-durable sheets and

towels for department

stores and 5-star hotels.

And now, we are proud to

pass that expertise - and

the saving of cutting out the 

middleman - on to you.

The Field

All of the USA Cotton used in our products is the highest trade to ensure consistency and sustainability.

The Factory

Established in 1874 in

Guatemala, our factory employs

over 3000 employees in a clean

working environment and with

fair labor standards.

Our factory is 100% vertical

Cotton comes in one end and the finished product comes out the other, giving us total control over every aspect of our products.

Hot water is provided by

volcano heat; hydroelectric

power is derived from the

river reducing external

energy demands, giving

our factory the lowest heat

footprint of any textile mill

in the world!

Utilizing biotechnological

processes, we use enzymes in lieu

of chemicals, reducing the planet's

water consumption and output of

 harmful chemicals. if other

factories followed suit, this

practice could save up to 630

billion liters of water a year! That's

enough to give 24,000,000 people

a full year's supply of water.

Our turnkey recycling cotton programs, means we:

Keep any end cuts and don't waste fabric threads or cotton debris.

Buy waste from surrounding factories and recycle them.

Color, separate, dry and clean as possible before the shredding process begins.

The Future

By selling directly to the consumer, we cut out the middleman. no third-party profit margins. borrowed brand names. just the very best products at the very best price.

Our Promise To You

From the cotton fields to the

factory, and the delivery to your

home, we are involved in every

single step of the process. 

That's why we can guarantee the

very best quality, the very best

eco-friendly practices all at the

very best price.

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