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How to create the perfect guest room.

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You have friends/family coming into town and whether it's because of  hotels being expensive, or not having seen them in a while, you are of course having them in your home! 
In an ideal world you have a guest house or even a guest room, but in reality like most people you  are taking a space like your office or child's bedroom and reinventing it as a guest room. You want your company to feel comfortable and welcome in your home, but you can only do so much with what you have! Well there's good news making a space into a comfortable and welcoming guest room can be accomplished in a few easy steps. 
  1. De Cluttering is the biggest step to changing a room!
  2. Fresh sheets, towels & robes for a hotel feel 
  3. Some water with glasses and a pitcher or water bottles gives the room the feeling that they can stay in if they'd like some personal space. Snacks can also be an added bonus mini bar style if you don't mind people eating in the room ;-) 


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